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We utilize a myriad of development techiniques and approaches to ensure your success.

Web & Desktop Development

Fostercode uses industry standards in its software development practices. We use Microsoft techologies including (but not limited to) ASP.NET, MVC, C#. Our web designs utilize the latest frameworks, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, and more to deliver good looking, good functioning web applications that go beyond the realm of a mere website.

Our desktop applications utilize Xamarin (for Linux, iOS, etc.), , WPF, and WinForms to deliver applications that meet our customer's needs. Our WPF applications and Windows Store apps are designed to meet specific business requirements and many use server services to interact in enterprise or large business environments.

Native Mobile & Wearable Development

Fostercode uses technologies such as Xamarin and HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to develop cutting edge applications for multiple platforms with one unifying code source. This means the same program written for your iOS is used for the Android application or a wearable device. This saves a lot of headaches often associated with supporting multiple platforms and allows you to offer your products and services to a wider range of customers.

We partner with you

We aren't just the guys you hire to develop a website. We are here to provide you a solution. Our team is able, during their course of research, to identify areas for improvement in your business using our services. You may not elect to go forward with them now, but we will keep them on the back-burner and bring them back when the time is right.

As an engineering firm, our success is tightly based on our customers success. If you don't succeed, we won't succeed.

High-end designs

We take pride in the work we do, and it's not just engineering. One thing we learned early on is that a product doesn't sell on function alone, it needs to look sharp. We use the top design talent in the industry to bring you a beautiful finished look. We're not done until you are satisfied.

Data modeling & database design

I often say that organization is the key to success, and databases are the unsung heroes of organization. A well formed database, sculpted to your data, will make the difference from a product failing or succeeding. We follow industry standards and time-honored practices with our databases. Our structures are normalized according to what best fits your data needs.

We take our data seriously, and so should you. Not only do we maintain great data modeling, design, and development practices; we also provide advanced backup and recovery solutions to make sure you are always taken care of.

Excellent support and customer service

Not only does our staff excel in their positions and tasks, but they each have a long history of good customer service. Our goal is not just to develop a solution, but to develop a solution so good that you have to tell people about it. We maintain a high standard of customer service and care what you think.

Our support is made up of the engineers who developed your product, and only a call away. There are no overseas calls, no language barriers. We take your needs and goals as seriously as we take our own...they are part of our own.

Flexibility built in

You can work with international customers right out of the box while staying in your country.

Act locally, work globally

Our web interfaces can allow you to expand your business into realms you haven't dreamed of. Let us work with you to find those avenues.

Managed hosting

We provide free hosting for a year with our web & cloud-based products. You never have to worry about server settings or configurations.

Freedom of choices

Our work (using industry standards) and customer service speak for themselves, we only want you to stay as long as you want to stay.

We have you covered

Fostercode follows standard disaster recovery protocols to ensure that your product, data, and website will weather whatever storm may come.

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Data integration

Fostercode provides sophisticated data integration to allow you to track sales, inventory, projects, and much more.

Showcase your landing page

Provide your customers a highly interactive and engaging landing page...accomplish more with less.

Engage your customers

Provide your customers the clear and enticing information needed for them to move forward right away.

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